Thinking About Car Games? 3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop!

Thinking About Car Games? 3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop!

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Among many racing game aficionados some of the most challenging and realistic games are the off road racing games. The rough terrain, the unexpected switches between mud and gravel as well as the appealing cars and scenery make these games fascinating to the player. You can find many off road racing games on the Internet if you search for free racing games.

A list of the best off road racing games must include Rally Trophy by Jo Wood Productions and Bugbear Entertainment. This complex PC simulation takes the player through several countries like Sweden, Kenya, Russia, Switzerland and Finland and it models exceptional cars like Lancia Stratos, Saab 96 V4, Mini Cooper 1275S, Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and many more. The 42 stages of the game cover several different road surfaces like mud or gravel, and occur in both night and day and in any weather conditions. To add to the challenge any damage that the car suffers is carefully re-created so it must be avoided in order to ensure the player's ascension to the next stage.

Another legend among off road racing games is Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road created by The Leland Corporation in 1989. Although legendary you are not likely to find this game when searching for free racing games com as it is a video game meant for the arcade. The originality of Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road lies in its view from above as all the races take place indoors on off road tracks. The difficulty of the tracks increases with every championship and the players gain points and money which can be used to upgrade their race trucks. The game can be played by three or four players and the winner is the one who finishes the season with the highest amount of money earned.

Another of the off road racing games is Test Drive Unlimited which takes the driver both off road and on road and features more than one hundred motorcycles and sports cars. Most of the off road racing games are meant for the arcade and can not be found when searching for free racing games on the Internet. However, the intensity of the drive is definitely worth a trip to the arcade.